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Welcome to DSL

This guide will help you get up and running with Primus High Speed Internet.

Install Kit Contents:

Your installation kit should have the following items:

DSL Line Filters


You should have two DSL line filters that resemble the illustration to the left.  These filters must be installed on all telephone devices that share the same line as the DSL Modem.  If you have more than two telephones or other devices that must be connected, additional filters can be ordered via our Customer Service line, they are also available at most electronics retailers.  Please note that there must not be a filter on the line used for the DSL Modem.  See the illustrations below.

Telephone Cable

A length of telephone cable has been provided for use with the DSL Modem.  Please use this cable.  In the event that you must substitute another cable, please ensure that the cable's length does not exceed the length of the one supplied.

Telephone Line Splitter

A 2-way telephone line splitter has been included however should only be used if you must connect the DSL Modem and a telephone to the same wall jack.  Please see illustration below for the correct use of the splitter with a DSL Modem and filters.

Ethernet Cable

 An Ethernet cable resembling the illustration has been provided with your Modem.  You may obtain and use a longer Ethernet cable if necessary.

DSL Modem & Power Supply





TG585v7 or TG585v8




Your DSL Modem should resemble one of the devices pictured above.  All three units are SpeedTouch modems manufactured by Thomson.  From left to right we have the ST516, the ST585v6, the TG585v7/v8 and the TG582n.

It is of the utmost importance that you use the power supply that has been provided with the modem. 

Use of an incorrect power supply will contribute to degraded performance and cause permanent damage to the device.

Connecting Your Modem

All devices such as telephones, faxes, answering machines, and satellite receivers (to name but a few examples) must be filtered as illustrated to the left below.  If you need to have the DSL modem and another device connected to the same phone outlet, please ensure that the connections are established in the same manner as depicted below and to the right.  The lower illustration shows how the connections should be made with the ST516v6, colors and the approximate location of the connections will be the same on the other units.

Getting Online

If the connections have been established as indicated above and the due-date for your DSL service has passed:

  • Please turn on your DSL modem with the Black power button next to the electrical input.
  • The following should occur:
    • The Power LED will come up, it should stabilize as a solid green
      • If this does not happen, please ensure that:
        • You are using the power supply / adapter that was sent with the modem
        • The power supply is securely connected to the modem and the electrical outlet
        • If you are using a power-bar, that the power-bar is not overloaded
    • The DSL (or Broadband) LED will flash.  This should not last any more than two minutes, at which time the LED should become (and remain) solid green.
      • If this does not happen:
        • Please review the connections and ensure that the instructions indicated above have been followed. 
        • You may wish to try connecting the modem to another telephone outlet or attempt to disconnect other devices that are connected to the telephone line.
        • Please contact technical support at 1-800-370-0015 if the modem's power LED fails to come up solid green after following the steps above.
    • Shortly after the DSL / Broadband LED indicates solid green, the Internet LED should begin flashing green.
      • When this happens, please power up the computer that is connected directly to your modem.
      • The Ethernet LED on the modem should begin flashing once your computer is on.
      • Open a web-browser (ex: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome)
      • Enter in the address bar and press Enter or Return on your computer's keyboard
      • Follow the prompts on the screen
      • Please contact technical support at 1-800-370-0015 if you cannot access
    • If the Internet LED doesn't come up green (either fails to indicate anything or indicates red):
      • Please locate the reset pinhole at the back of the modem (just to the left of the yellow ethernet port on all three models)
      • Lightly press and hold the reset button in the pinhole the with a pin, paperclip, or the tip of a pen for 15 seconds
      • Release the reset button
      • Allow the modem to reboot
      • If the Internet LED comes up green, please follow the instructions directly above. 
    • If after following these instructions, the DSL / Broadband or Internet LEDs still fail to indicate, please call technical support at 1-800-370-0015.