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How To Look Up Internet Usage Based Billing

Primus' E-Care portal allows registered users to view bandwidth usage.  Please see the instructions below for assistance registering for e-care access as well as how to view bandwidth usage.


1.            Access the Primus E-Care site:

2.            Locate and click on "Register now" on the right side.

3.            Review the Terms and Conditions.
You must click on "I ACCEPT" to proceed with registration

4.            Enter your account number and postal code in the fields below and click on "continue".

5.            Enter the information in the spaces provided:
User ID: A unique username.
E-mail : An existing email account, not the one you want to create.
** Ensure that all of the Required Fields are populated with valid information



6.            Review the account information
You may add other accounts (if you have any) at this point
Click Continue

7.            E-Care registration is now complete.
Click on "E-care Main Menu".

Viewing Bandwidth Usage

1.            Click on Manage Internet/Email Services

2.            Click on the magnifying glass corresponding to the account to which you wish to add an email address.

3.            Click on Usage and Change Options.

4.            Choose the date range and click on Show Result.

The bandwidth usage for the selected date range will be shown below.