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D-Link: Equipment Setup

Before you start

Please ensure that you have the following:
  • An active high-speed Internet connection
  • Direct access to your Internet Service Provider's modem
  • The user-name and password for your internet connection (if required by your ISP)
  • A computer with which to configure the gateway
  • A telephone set with a standard RJ11 connector

Connecting the TalkBroadband Gateway

  1. Please turn off your other networked devices (Computer, ISP modem, router etc...)
  2. Connect your telephone to the 1 port

  3. Disconnect the network cable from your ISP modem and connect it to the blue ETHERNET port (the other end of this cable should normally be connected to your computer.)

  4. Using the supplied network cable, connect the blue WAN port to your ISP's modem.

  5. Turn on the ISP modem
  6. Using the supplied power adapter, connect the TalkBroadband gateway to an appropriate electrical outlet

  7. Make sure the PSTN Switch is on VOIP.

  8. Once the Power LED is lit on the gateway, please turn on your computer.

Configuring the TalkBroadband Gateway

Once the connections have been made, you must configure a few settings to allow the TalkBroadband Gateway to use your internet connection. If your Internet Service Provider requires the use of a user-name and password to connect, it's likely that you will need it here.

  1. Using a computer that is directly connected to the ETHERNET port of the gateway:
    • Open a web-browser
    • Enter in the address bar.
  2. Press Enter on your keyboard

  3. Click Login to the web-based management module
    A user-name and password are required to access the gateway, please enter the following information and click OK.
    User-Name: admin
    Password: primusvoip

  4. Locate and click on Config IP Address
    Then click on Config WAN IP Address.

  5. Click on the drop-down menu and select PPPoE.

  6. Enter the username and password for your DSL account (provided by your ISP)
    Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

  7. Select Save changes and reboot system now.

  8. Once the reboot is completed, you will be taken back to the main configuration screen. Check to see if the status led light goes from blinking red to solid green on the front panel of the TBB Gateway.

  9. If the status light is still blinking red go back into the configuration via browser as indicated in the first step if this section.

  10. Access the PPPoE Connect section and then check your status.

  11. If you see the words "Connected" for Connecting Status and "Connected" for PPPoE Status, then you setup is now complete. Congratulations!
    * If you see "Authentication Fail", then you may have problems connecting with your DSL service provider

    Note: Take your phone off the hook and listen for a dial tone. If you don't hear a dial tone, hang up, wait a few seconds, and try again. If you still don't hear a dial tone, please contact technical support.